Automatic Process Control (APC) Back Year Paper 2017 BTEUP

APC Back Year Papers

Automatic Process Control (APC) Back Year Paper 2017 BTEUP

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Answer the following Questions

  • Discuss about physical and block diagram of control system
  • What are the basic components of control system?explain
  • Define the following :
  • 1 – Transfer function
  • 2 – Impulse  Input
  • 3 – Time constant
  • 4 – Laplace transform
  • 5 – Offset
  • Derive an expression for transfer function for Mercury thermometer
  • Discuss open loop and closed loop control system give suitable examples
  • Derive an expression for response of first order system for step input of magnitude “A” for thermometer.
  • Explain in details about proportional derivation control.
  • Discuss about standard block diagram symbols of closed loop in Automatic Control.
  • Derive an expression for unit step response of proportional control at start tank reactor for setpoint change and for load change.
  • What is PLC. Discuss about applications of Programmable control
  • Detail about functional requirements of distributed process control.
  • Explain about elements of controller.

Short notes of the following

  • Non linear liquid level system
  • Transportation lag
  • On and off control system.

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